Essential Amino Acids + Electrolytes: Take Your Training to the Next Level

Essential Amino Acids + Electrolytes: Take Your Training to the Next Level

Get Lean. Get Strong. Train Harder. Be Less Sore. 

Whether it is pushing out one more rep, trimming off a second or two of our mile time , or recovering better so that we can crush our training sessions the next day, we are always looking for ways to improve our performance and take our training to the next level. 

When training consistently, we are bound to experience frequent breakdown of protein during workouts, this means you are using up your amino acids (EAAs). If these lost EAAs aren't replenished, your body will either start using your own muscle to fill the gap, or you won’t recover properly which will negatively impact your muscle repair, growth and overall health. 

Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Your body cannot produce them on its own so the only way to get EAAs is through an external source (your food or a supplement) . When looking at the development, maintenance, and repair of lean muscle tissue, essential amino acids are the key players involved in these processes. 

Our product, designed for those striving to get lean, get strong, and experience less soreness, provides a comprehensive solution. Formulated with essential amino acids and electrolytes, it supports muscle protein synthesis, aids in muscle building and tissue repair, and rehydrates your muscles. Here's why incorporating our hydration + aminos supplement into your daily routine is essential to your fitness journey:

Build Lean Muscle without Extra Calories:

Essential amino acids are the primary fuel for building muscle. Our product ensures all nine EAAs are present in the amount that your body needs, a prerequisite for creating new muscle. This means you can build lean muscle without unnecessary calorie intake.

Train Harder and Longer:

Our product naturally boosts energy levels without relying on caffeine, sugar, or stimulants. By hydrating your muscles with electrolytes and using essential amino acids as a fuel source, Simpl. Hydration + Aminos enhances energy production, prevents muscular fatigue, and reduces mental fatigue during endurance exercise. This allows you to extend your workouts and push your limits.

Recover Quicker and Be Less Sore:

Optimal recovery is essential for maintaining a consistent exercise routine. Our blend of essential amino acids and electrolytes facilitates muscle repair, reduces exercise-induced muscle damage, and decreases post-exercise soreness. With enhanced recovery, you can bounce back faster between workouts, ensuring you're always at your best in the gym.

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