Founder of Simpl., Steve Onak, competing during his first Ironman. Image illustrates Onak riding in the front of a pack of cyclists in Cambridge, Maryland.

Our Origin Story

As a kid I was consistently sick, after countless failed doctors visits and numerous rounds of antibiotics which killed my gut, I turned to holistic medicine which was a game changer for me. Fast forward 5 years, I took on high school + college and began to loose my health conscious focus. 

I started off college as a competitive athlete until getting Lyme Disease my freshman year and having to withdraw from school due to illness. While you would think this would reignite the focus and importance of health, it did the opposite leaving me frustrated and discouraged. A year later, I transferred schools where I joined frat life and quickly fell into bad habits that destroyed my gut yet again and seemed to revert all of the health work I had done while growing up.

After graduating from college I knew I needed to make a commitment to my health + body. As I entered the corporate world I quickly realized I was unsatisfied. Personally, I wanted to do more and be more. I sought out physical challenges to bring me back to my roots of a life focused on health, wellness, and pushing myself to reach peak performance.

I struggled while training for my first triathlon to find a hydration + fuel supplement that did not kill my stomach during a long run. This is when I realized most of the hydration supplements out there were packed with either sugar or carbs which which annihilate my gut.

This is where the idea of Simpl. Hydration + Aminos came from. After years of research on what it was my body needed to be at peak performance my fiancé, Kayla and I decided to take the leap and create our own hydration + fuel supplement. Simpl. Hydration + Aminos is formulated with essential aminos as the fuel source - which not only allows for fuel without the crash but also provides a low-carb option for improving performance, athletic recovery and building lean muscle mass. Join me in the mission to retake control of your body.
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